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Publié le 18 Juillet 2012 à 04h06 - 1477 aff.

Desgouttes wins in France

After four days of tiring poker tournament starting from June 28, the France Poker Series came to an end at last. From a field comprised of 172 players, it was Florian Desgouuttes who came out victorious taking home a total amount of 43,000 pound. In that tournament, he outflanked poker champ William Wilhelm.

Day 1 of the event attracted as many as 82 players chosen by the senior members of this event. At the end of the 1st day tournament, it was Antony Neto, who was leading the left over 35 players and that also with 133,000 chips. Those who were eliminated from the main event were Nedellec Marion, Cathy Serrat, Drochon, Jeremie Sarda, Quentin Laucher, Pierre Drochon and Paul Guichard.

The 2nd day also pulled as many as 90 players that even include the great poker star Julien Brecard. After losing half of the amount in the tournament, he increased or raised the amount to 27,000. Brecard told to a private news channel that he is very happy with his performance but wants to do much better. Later he was eliminated which resulted the end of the tournament.

Jerome Dumayet, Phuc Tran, Nicolas “choco75″ Le Floch and Julien JunkieBoy” Ferrey were also eradicated on Day 1 of the event. Of those coming along included Florian Desgouttes, Mikael Azoulay, Lars Hoops and Jean Baptiste Loll. William Wihlelm displaced on to Day 2 of the final event heading the Day 1b field.

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