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Publié le 22 Mai 2012 à 04h06 - 1379 aff.

Fifty dollars free at Poker770

PokerNews’ has exclusively promoted with Poker770, a free fifty dollars which has proved to be one of the most spectacular offers of all time. The free cash is to lure people, but the procedure of getting it has struck the readers most. Now the question that arises is how easy is it?

What one needs to do is download Poker770 through PokerNetwork, and get in the bonus code “NETWORK50″. Then one has to fill in and then submit the form details. One has to continue playing and will be kept paid.

To get the full amount of fifty dollars in the player’s account. One must earn at the least 1 Poker770 point inside the first sixty days of getting the first payment of twenty five dollars. These twenty five dollars will be banked in the account of the player at once. Then, one needs to make only 500 Poker770 points in the following one twenty days to free the 2nd half of the fifty dollars into the account. This thing is valid for players in Andorra, Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Canada, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Iceland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

If one lives in either of the countries mentioned, things will be different. The countries are Argentina, Belarus, China, Bolivia, Chile, Denmark, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Japan, Finland, Hungary, India, South Korea, Latvia, Montenegro, Lithuania, Macedonia, Paraguay, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Ukraine, Uruguay, Sweden and Venezuela.

In case you are a native of either of these countries then the free amount of fifty dollars will split into three installments instead of 2. The 1st ten dollars will be given into the Poker770 account instantly and another twenty dollars once one has got 500 Poker770 points in a span of one hundred and twenty days. Lastly the last twenty dollars will be given once one has earned the next 500 Poker770 points in a span of one hundred and twenty days.

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