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Publié le 15 Juillet 2014 à 03h53 - 1168 aff.

Intertops Poker event champ directed for CAPT Velden

One of CAPT Velden online qualifiers of Intertops Poker would be at one of the most luxurious casino resorts in Austria for the US$ 1000000 CAPT Velden event later this weekend. Intertops poker manager would keep company with Christoph to €500 event he is playing earlier on Saturday.

Speaking about his approach to the tournament play, Intertops champ stated that his strategy counts on the buy in. A leading website reported that Intertops champ told that in the early levels, he try to get a feeling for the table dynamics and players playing tendencies. He attempts to keep his chips together for the later stages, where the pots are larger and making moves is more profitable compared to the early stages.

If the buy in is higher, that is exactly the strategy he would prefer to go after. But if it is lower, he would deviate from this and play more hands even in the early levels, against better knowledge. Previous year, Christoph won €500 buy-in in Velden. In spite of that win, he was not totally happy with his game play. He told that reaching to the final table, he realized that there was a table bully so he decided to not mess with him and he sat back and watched players eliminating each other. And, it was not till the 3rd player was eliminated that he realized that he might win this one. In general, he try to stay pessimistic because the event is over quickly and one might be disappointed if you toss with the idea of winning too soon.

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