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Michael David Mizrachi In Poker

Michael David Mizrachi is one of the top poker players in the world and he showed his professional poker playing skill by winning the world poker series twice. Michael has won the world poker tour titles twice and he was ranked 5th in world poker series 2012. David has been very successful in his poker career and he has won the CardPlayer Magazine’s award in 2006. He is well known among the poker players with the nickname of “The grinder” and he got this name with his consistent solid playing style. He started to play poker games from the age of 13 and his incredible poker experience helped him to gain first position 18 times. Michael’s earned about $14,041,590 throughout his poker career and he has won WSOP Bracelets twice.

Michael showed constant growth from the year 2004 and his performance was only average in that year. 2005 was great for David and recorded the biggest win in LA poker classic event and his achievements stands as an milestone with the earnings of $1,859,909 prize. His success story continued in 2006 also and gained around $2,300,000 in that particular year. Suddenly his winnings graph showed great dip in 2007 and he totally earned less than $500,000. In 2008 he won some poker tournaments, but it was only little more than $500,000.

Everyone expected that Michael will continue his winning in 2009 also, but it was not so bright like 2005. 2010 is the most remarkable year in Michael David’s poker career and he earned about $4,000,000 in that particular year. This achievement stands as a milestone for other players and he participated in many poker tournaments in this year. The performance of Michael in 2011 was average and he won some poker games over this year. The success story of Michael David still continues and he has been a role model for many poker players.

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