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Turn handling techniques to win

Professional Pokers are much familiar, among the professional Pokers Thomas James Cloutier turns much familiar for having won the 6 bracelets in his successful career. Having born on October 13, 1939 TJ Cloutier was born in California. Being an American player, Thomas had much experience in participating in various jobs due to his financial hardship. Having the nickname as TJ, Cloutier was inducted to the Poker Hall of Fame by 2006.

Various job histories:

Attended University of California, Berkeley on an athletic scholarship for American football and baseball, he has played it in Rose Bowl in 1959. Moreover, he dropped out on account of financial hardship. Taking the career in the path of serving to the nation and joined Army, he relived as he had an injury. Working in oil rigs, he started playing Poker, where he thought he earned more than what he earned in oil rigs and resigned the work and started playing Poker full time, and becoming a poker star. Having placed four times in the top five in the main event WSOP, he has made 2 2nd place finishes.

Realising that the playing Poker offered him more sum than working, Thomas started playing Poker the entire day. Being much familiar and marked in the history, Thomas is the only Poker player who is said to have won the events in three forms of Omaha. Holding 6 bracelets in WSOP event, Thomas also earned many titles. The cash prize which he possesses turn out to be the 5th place overall. But, his place is now in the 2nd place finishing WSOP final table record. Being played many Poker games and by earning many titles, Thomas also worked as the co-author of books like Championship Holdem, Championship Omaha, Championship

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