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Victor Ramdin-Poker professional winning WPT Title

When you consider the playing of games, you will have to consider the game which is really interest offering one. One such game can always be the Poker game as the game is the handling of the cards in a manner which recognises your victory or defeat. The professionals handle the game in a manner which is really surprising one too to watch. Professional players are many, whereby one such player is Victor Ramdin who is knowable for his victory in earning WPT title.

As Computer Man:

Victor Ramdin is Poker Professional from New York, who was born on May 28th 1968. His full name is Annand Mahendra “Victor” Ramdin. Victor Ramdin is also the member of the team, Team Poker Stars. It was by the year 2002, Victor Ramdin started playing Poker in his career after watching people play at bar, whereby he then was mentored by Phil Ivey. By the year 2003, Victor Ramdin turned finishing in the event which was WSOP and turned out to be $2000 Pot Limit Texas hold’em event. Then the very next year, Victor Ramdin has cashed, whereby finishing in 29th place. In the very same year, Victor Ramdin finished the 3rd place at Showdown at the Sands event.

The very following year, yet he didn’t cash so, he turned receiving the signed copy of Barry’s book, by defeating him, which is the force of habit of Barry to offer so, to those who eliminate him. Then he turned finishing the World Poker Tour title, in the season3 Championship. By the year 2005, he achieved the final table, the very year following Victor Ramdin turned winning the WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic. Two weeks then to this won, Victor Ramdin came closer in winning the WPT season 4 Championship.

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